Climate Action

i4Life are committed to ecological sustainability and are proud partners of programs funded by USAID and led by The Nature Conservancy and Frankfurt Zoological Society. Together we are working to improve the management and protection of natural resources in the Luangwa Valley and the Greater Kafue Region of Zambia. Luangwa is famous for its wildlife and is home to more than 400 species of birds and Zambia’s only black rhino population. Kafue has one of the largest intact areas of wilderness in Africa with the highest diversity of antelope on the African continent. The biodiversity of these vast regions is under serious threat.

i4life climate action
Illegal logging and mining, wildlife poaching, unsustainable charcoal production are some of the threats to biodiversity in theses area and are driven by and demand for illegal wildlife products, poverty and food insecurity. Inadequate nutrition leads to stunting which in turn inhibits long term individual and community development.
These partnerships bring together public, private, and civil society along with local communities, to address these threats. Aiming to improve the protection and management of wildlife, forests and fisheries, develop sustainable opportunities to increase incomes and well-being of communities.
i4Life play their part in these projects by conducting nutritional assessments of these areas. Recruiting and training community healthcare workers to address key issues such as maternal and newborn health, child health, nutrition, immunisation and environmental health.