How we Utilise our Mobile Tent

In 2012, i4Life fundraised for and introduced a mobile tent which is used for health promotion and education. Initially used for the under 5’s clinic and nutrition clinic, the mobile tent also enabled i4life’s community health workers (CHWs) to provide vital community outreach, education and counselling for mothers and the community in the prevention and management of malnutrition and other diseases and conditions such as HIV and epilepsy.

This mobile tent provides a vital link between the community and the primary health care centre. It also provides unique opportunity for the primary health care team to observe the challenges faced within the community. Outreach empowers the local community to partake in education and training sessions.

This community participation demonstrates primary health care at its best. i4Life mobile tents are widely recognised within Linda Compound as a link to primary healthcare. Ensuring a more equitable, sustainable and achievable primary health services are delivered. This partnership with the Linda Compound has resulted in a community immobilisation, in preventing malnutrition, education mothers and inclusion of community health workers from the community.