Irish Aid Innovation Grant with i4life

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Irish Aid Innovation Grant

Building on i4Life’s innovative, results orientated approach to community health service delivery considerable growth has been achieved in the last few years. For the organisation to sustain its development, with continued uptake from local actors, it recognises the need to rapidly strengthen its local organizational capacity to ensure continued excellence in delivery and engagement.

Transformations in governance, strategy, structure, and culture are essential to achieve its potential locally. Guided by an innovative partnership with a specialist transition organisation, (Caplor Horizon ( ) i4Life intends to engage – in a dynamic, flexible and participatory way –an effective change and transition programme; one that brings about a transformation in organizational effectiveness, whilst strengthening leadership and team-working and embedding relevant learning.

The Innovation grants overall project goal is to support positive health outcomes for vulnerable communities by building a sustainable framework integrating practical clinical skills and mentorship at a recognised community best practice community training facility; whilst improving the localized organisational structure and strategy.

The investment in innovation and growth will enable i4Life to sustain the support of primary health care services in the i4Life@Neri Clinic catchment.

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