We Appreciate your support

We need your help to ensure i4Life can continue to deliver a wide range of Primary Healthcare Services to a marginalised population of 80,000 Zambians.

Reducing disease and malnutrition in children.

One-off Donation

Donations can be made through our iDonate page, which is linked below.

i4Life ensures great transparency with any money raised. Donations and money raised through fundraising will mostly go toward the operation of the Primary Healthcare Facility, paying the wages of our trained medical professionals and sourcing and supplying food supplements required as part of the under 5’s or nutrition clinics.


Become a Monthly Donor

Please consider making an ongoing contribution to the charity’s work by setting up a regular standing order of 5 euros per week. Your contribution will make such a beneficial impact on the care of the community.

To set up a standing order, complete the Standing Order form and return it to i4Life, 35 Eallagh, Headford, Co. Galway.

If you donate €250 or more in a year, i4Life can claim tax relief on your donation. E.g. A donation of €250 or more will be worth at least €362.32 to i4Life at no extra cost to you.

Standing Order