Under 5s Clinic

i4Life Child Health Specialist work and educate local health care workers and Zambian Health professionals at the Under 5s clinic in partnership with Neri Clinics. Mothers carry the infants records consisting of a growth chart with the weight for age chart, any information on the infants family, immunisation uptake and any reason for special care for the infant written out clearly. These records are protected by a polythene envelope and carefully kept by the mothers. A study showed that few records were lost.
Dr Kevin Connolly, Paediatrician, Dr Kathleen Mc Donnell, Thandiwe Phiri, i4Life Nutritionist at the under 5s Clinic at Neri Clinic, Lusaka, Zambia.
Dr Kevin Connolly, Paediatrician teaching local Zambian doctors and nutritionists during Under 5s clinic.

Our Impact on Zambian and Irish Children.

  • i4Life established a Partnership with Neri Clinics in 2011. Neri Clinics is a Irish Charity who established a primary health care unit in a shanty town, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • To date, i4Life has over 90 health care volunteers, Doctors, PHNs, nutritionists who have volunteered to work in Linda Shanty town and have established an under 5 nutrition clinic in partnership with Neri Clinics.
  • Education of Local Voluntary Community Workers from the Linda Shanty Town and the Zambian Health Care Professionals working at the Neri clinics. This education includes the following. Health, Human Rights, Child protection, Vulnerable adults policy.
  • On arrival at the shanty town, i4Life Child Health Specialist Team carried out a pilot study of children under 5 which indicated that 17% of children under 5 living in the shanty town were suffering from chronic malnutrition.
  • In response to this survey, an Nutrition clinic was set up, in conjunction with a weekly education programme and all children under 5 are being screened for malnutrition. All children that present with malnutrition are commenced on a supplementary feeding programme under Zambian guidelines.
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    Achievements Cont;

  • Mobile tent. A vital link between the Neri Clinic and the Linda shanty town was established in May 2012 with the introduction of a mobile tent which is used for Health promotion and education in the more vulnerable areas of the shanty town.
  • i4Life have established links with District medical teams, Zambian Government Nutritionists, and the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.
  • In January 2014, the Zambian Health authorities have recognised the value of the Nutrition Clinic and have commenced supplying the Plumpy nut for the children with moderate to severe malnutrition.
  • In September 2015, i4Life commenced a pilot programme in two secondary schools in Galway to educate pupils re our work in Zambia ,Human Rights, Geography .Over 300 Galway students were educated in Human Right
  • In May 2016, UNZA University of Zambia, recognising the value of the nutrition clinic has placed nutritional students for community experience at the nutrition clinic. Placbook has been completed and has incoporated i4Life’s child protection policy and Vulnerable adults policy.
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    University Of Zambia Partnership with i4Life Dietetic Students from the University Of Zambia are placed at the i4Life nutrition clinic


    Dr. Kevin Connolly working in the Under 5s clinic


    Stella Moore, Midwife, Mullingar Regional Hospital and Dr Stephanos, Consultant Paediatrician working together in the Under 5s clinic


    i4Life partnership with CHWs