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Refugee Medical Volunteer Programme

About i4Life

i4Life, is an Irish child health specialist registered charity, made up of volunteer health professionals who came together in 2009 to organise immunisation programmes and child health clinics for under fives in Africa and to provide support to existing charities in emergency situations. Our development programmes in Zambia have a particular focus on education, immunisation, nutrition and Human Rights.

We are committed to working with partners who share our ethos of respect, the protection and promotion human rights standards and principles for all children.

i4Life have a robust Child Safeguarding policy in place, as do our partners. All volunteers must commit to adhering to the policy and procedures and the Garda/police vetting process is mandatory to secure a placement with us.

i4Life in Greece

We are fully aware that the current refugee crises is a global tragedy and there are thousands of men, women and children in desperate need of medical care from the basics to life saving interventions. i4Life could stand idly by and not put our expertise to good use. In 2019, we made the decision to act and team members visited refugee camps in Athens and Thessaloniki, observing first hand, the medical needs of refugees of all ages, the living conditions in camps, squats, forests and abandoned houses.

The volume of refugees arriving on a daily basis means all NGOs are in dire need of volunteers to address the needs of documented and non-documented refugees.

We got to know those operating in the islands and we have partnered with a reputable registered NGO organisation in Thessaloniki who have been operating in the area for several years and as such, have extensive experience of the situation and health needs of new and long-term refugees.

Our combined experience will ensure that the human rights and dignity of refugees will be met through the provision of medical care.

i4Life’s role is to recruit and deploy volunteers from all medical expertise, whether working, studying or retired, in various disciplines such as midwives, nurses, doctors, paediatricians, physiotherapists, medical students (final year or graduates) and paramedics. Volunteers will work in teams, delivering much needed medical care to the most vulnerable.

Be aware that these needs may change or there may be a greater need for a particular areas of expertise so please get in touch with us to discuss this further. We want to ensure that you will bring genuine added value providing the medical care to all who need it.

Volunteer Programme – FAQ

Who can apply to volunteer?

All registered medical professionals, both practicing and retired eg doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, gynaecologists, paediatricians, nutritionists, and others depending on the current needs.  Final year medical students and graduates may also apply.

Do I need to speak Arabic?

No, but if you can, that’s great. You must be fluent in English.

Is there a cost to volunteer?

Yes, as this programme is not funded, all volunteers must contribute €600 to the programm. This covers administration in Ireland and Greece, two days pre-departure training, accommodation, donation to the host organisation, donation to i4Life and debriefing.

What about flights and insurance?

You must cover these costs yourself.

How long are the placements?

Short placements start from two weeks. Longer placements are available subject to the agreement of our partners.

What will I be doing?

You will be assigned to a team and your duties will be determined by your team leader on a weekly or daily basis as needs can change frequently. You will receive a general outline of your duties approximately one week before departure.

When can I go?

i4Life operate bot set dates and placements to suit your own commitments, which means you can travel any time of the year and it also depends on the requirements of our partners.


Send your CV and application form to info@i4life.ie.

Following an interview, reference check and vetting, you will attend two days pre-departure training.

 On completion of your placement, you will attend for debriefing.

The simple truth is that refugees would not risk their lives on a journey

so dangerous if they could thrive where they are.”

Melissa Fleming, UNHCR

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