Considering Volunteering?

You dont need to go abroad to make a difference and you do not need to be a medical professional to offer your support.

 i4Lifes commitment to shared knowledge ensures that even though our team and volunteers can often be 13,000km apart, they still make a difference. We have volunteers who are engineers, business professionals, marketers and more. Their contribution to i4Life is just as important as our specialist health professionals. 

Volunteer in Ireland

i4Life has been fortunate to attract volunteers from across Ireland, the UK, Italy, US and further afield.

i4Life is open to volunteers no matter their skills and expertise. We value your opinion.

Through initial consultation and screening like minded candidates are identified and onboarded.

What to expect

Volunteer in Zambia

Join a team of like minded volunteers.

Within Zambia our volunteers are health professionals, community healthcare workers and administrative volunteers.

What to expect

About Comhlámh

“Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice is a set of standards for Irish Volunteer Sending Agencies facilitating international placements. The Code is based on a vision of volunteers working in solidarity for a just, equitable and sustainable world. It promotes responsible and responsive volunteering to ensure a positive impact for the overseas project and community, the volunteer and the sending agency.

The Code promotes development education, which enables people to more deeply understand the world around them and to address the root causes of inequality and poverty.

Every Volunteer Sending Agency, which is party to the Code of Good Practice, commits to the implementation of the Code’s five values that underpin the work of international volunteer programmes. These are solidarity, respect, social justice, ecological sustainability and integrity. Full details of the Code are here” Comhlamh’s Code of Good Practice description.

More details of Comhlámh work can be found here.

Supports and Services

Below you can find the key requirements needed to volunteer with i4Life.

  • Garda Vetting

    All i4Life volunteers will require Garda vetting.

  • Induction

    An information sharing process to help volunteers feel part of the team and become productive as quickly as possible within their role. Planning and creating an induction programme and induction pack ensures all volunteers receive all relevant information and are introduced to the organisation in the same way.

  • Training

    Pre-departure training is an essential part and tangible benefit of their volunteering experience. Training will undoubtedly increase volunteer confidence and satisfaction. Working in Zambia and overseas is a completely different experience from working in Ireland and is therefore mandatory. Past volunteers will also share their experiences and advice before your departure. Any questions or concerns can be addressed ahead at this point to give you clarity and confidence in your role as a volunteer with i4Life.

  • Medical

    i4Life overseas volunteers will be required to have a pre and post medical.

  • Insurance

    i4Life has an insurance policy for all volunteers and Speciality Emergency (SES ) insurance in Zambia for the safety of all volunteers.

  • Debriefing

    All i4Life overseas volunteers must attend a debriefing session on their return. At the debriefing meeting the team members will discuss project issues in a structured format. A facilitator guides the group in probing deeply into a pre-selected list of issues. The meeting allows team members an opportunity to discuss both the positive and negative aspects of their volunteer experience. It is also a good place to capture what went well on the project and provide recommendations for future volunteers.